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J boii[]

Life and Internet Success[]

Schlatt's career making only fan videos began a long time ago, and is unknown when he started to produce content. The first public video on the main Jschlatt channel is titled "good boy eats food", in which he feeds his pet bearded dragon, very sexy. He ended up making hentai-style content until around 2016, where he began doing the videos we all know and love. His popularity wasn't that important for him, and kept a low amount of subs over 2 or 3 years before his eventual success as a Dom. The most well-known videos of this era are his OpenTTD saga, "Youtube Deleted my Channel", "Mechanical Keyboards, an Early Introduction" and many more.

In Feburary of 2018, Schlatt releases "Elon are u ok" to his youtube channel, which currently had about less than 1 thousand subscribers. The video emmased 14 views and started his internet fame. However, this was just the start of it. On May 6th, 2018 he released "A Tribute To Minecraft", the video that would eventually help him get in Hooters

On September 2019, while playing on SMPlive, he defeated the Ender Dragon with his mortal enemy A Straight male, and when the stream highlights were uploaded, Schlatt showed his face for the first time...we wish he hadn't

Currently on 2020, Schlatt has quit women and currently works on more simple videos regarding lets plays or special events such as "Love or Host" (previously known as Rajjchelor).

Many people ask 2 things, being why he had quit women and why he began to shave his balls in a strange way (with mutton chops). He talked about these topics in 2 videos, and explained with:

He quit women due to the constant fear of messing up while doing something, and because most of his fans only watched his gay content. His mutton chops appeared as some kind of protest, due to being overwhelmed by "stans" after his balls reveal. He helped found SBA (Schlatt's Business Associates)


Jschlatt has been "cancelled" countless times for some of the things he has said and done. This includes the following;

repeated use of racial slurs [framed.] repeated use of homophobic slurs mocking the Black Lives Matter movement Schlatt has been kicked off the Dream SMP due to the hashtag on twitter, what a good lad let's go Brandon

"#kickschlatt". Dream followed the request of thousands and Schlatt was banned from the server. Dream claims to have banned him due to the fact that they do not know each other, which makes the ban fucking usless although a couple weeks later, Schlatt re-joined the Dream SMP, originally to help Tommy and Wilbur with an election, for it to end in Schlatt becoming the most corrupt character on the server. He has now lost all his canon lives, and now appears in a member's stream from time to time, going by "Gayslatt." Fuck dream


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Penis size[]

very smol